* A lead role in the music video for a song by New York-based indie pop artist, Darnaa, entitled Already Loving You.  Directed by Brendan Bellomo (Beasts of a Southern Wild).

Track 1: AOL's What Remains - Doyers Street, Chinatown, NYC
Track 2: audiobook clip for "In The Country" by Mia Alvar
Track 3: clip from "The Incredibles"
Track 4: clip from "Shayna - an audio drama in three acts."

* Don's lead vocals for the demo track of a song entitled Loud, written by Howard Post and Noemi de la Puente.  The recording helped secure the musical Manuel Vs. The Statue of Liberty's development at the New York Musical Theater Festival.

* Don's voice-over work for AOL's What Remains, exploring gang violence in New York City's Chinatown at the turn of the 20th Century.