"But when, about halfway through, 'Red Flamboyant' steps off into myth and ghosts and fever dreams, including Mrs. Hue's living nightmare of trying to wrest help from a hardened bureaucrat (Don Castro, who is fun to watch), it at last begins to breathe." - New York Times

"As the war veteran, Kenji Kanno, who is coping with having lost a leg, the powerful Don Castro is simultaneously garrulous and heartbreaking." -

"The basics of this play are top quality: the acting is excellent--genuine, natural, and graceful...Don Castro is particularly good as the conflicted Philip, whose restlessness and confusion don't completely hide his fierce, true self." - Hi! Drama

"Don Castro is very charming as a hapless samurai." -

"It’s only in Don Castro’s delirious summary of the play...that the show achieves its impact. Castro gives an endearing, playful performance as a wasted English Professor who observes the unfolding chaos. Through his alcohol-fueled epiphanies; he relates The Bacchae to both The New Testament and the Lord of the Rings, the play finds its subtle sloshed comedy." - Theatre Reviews Limited

In an interview with Olivia LaVecchia from The Awl, Don discusses his experience working with M. Night Shyamalan in The Happening. Entitled "When We Pretend We're Dead: Eight Actors on Their Death Scenes," you can read the full interview here.

An interview as a Featured Artist with Mission to Ditmars.